Islamophobia on the Trail

Below we track islamophobic rhetoric on the 2020 Campaign Trail. Hate crimes spike during election cycles, and we seek to provide an aggregator for statements and rhetoric from politicians during the election cycle. Islamophobia and racism are politicized and utilized as a tools; effectively normalizing dangerous rhetoric and moving islamophobia from the theatre of harassment to possibly fully institutionalized and systematic legislations.

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Daily Focus

‘She’s telling us how to run our country’: Trump again goes after Ilhan Omar’s Somali roots

President Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar yet again for her Somali origins, saying the Minnesota Democrat is “telling us how to run our country.”

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Linda Sarsour says Biden campaign's 'unprovoked' attack hurts Democrats

Biden campaign says it is committed to engaging with Muslims, but non-apology has done little to quell anger from Sarsour’s supporters.

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CAIR NJ Calls on FBI to Probe Death Threat Targeting Family of Muslim Congressional Candidate

CAIR New Jersey reports that Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of and congressional candidate running in the state of New Jersey, received a death threat targeting her and her family. Amani reportedly received a phone call after her virtual town hall where the caller stated her parents address and how they wished to torture her parents by feeding them pork and then killing them. They then began to use slurs.

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Trump, Biden issue Ramadan blessings, but what are their records regarding Muslims?


This article covers how both Trump and Biden may claim to support the Muslim community but  their records actually show different. It also highlights Trump’s Islamophobia comment regarding Coronavirus during Ramadan.

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Meet Joe Biden’s Muslim Outreach Coordinator: A Supporter Of Narendra Modi And His Islamophobic, Hindu Nationalist Agenda


As India’s Muslims have been under Hindutva attacks during President Trump’s visit this week, it has been revealed that Amit Jani, the Muslim Outreach coordinator for Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden is a supporter of Narendra Modi and has been linked to an Islamophobic, Hindu Nationalist agenda.

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How Bloomberg-Funded Center for American Progress Censored a Report on NYPD Surveillance of Muslims

Democracy Now, conducts an interview with Yasmine Taeb, that portrays how Micheal Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and Democratic Presidential candidate, contributed to the surveillance of Muslim communities in New York City. Bloomberg defended the NYPD’s Demographic Unit which was created after 9/11 and tasked with “following, monitoring, surveilling,” Muslims in New York City. In addition, these findings were taken out of the “Fear,Inc. 2.0” report due to the executive board’s fear of “how it was going to be perceived by Mayor Bloomberg” even after Ms.Taleb and her colleagues had gotten the approval and written a chapter on this issue.

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Florida Republican: 'We Should Hang' Treasonous Democrats Like Ilhan Omar


Local and national GOP leaders distanced themselves Wednesday from Florida congressional candidate George Buck who sent a fundraising letter stating that “anti-American radical Democrats” should be hung for treason.

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Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib targeted in far-right fake news operation


Israeli-based group uses Facebook to spread disinformation to more than a million followers around the world, singling out Muslim US congresswomen

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Inside the hate factory: how Facebook fuels far-right profit


A Guardian investigation reveal a covert plot to control some of Facebook’s largest far-right pages, including one linked to a rightwing terror group, and create a commercial enterprise that harvests Islamophobic hate for profit.

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GOP’s Listening to America Survey Questions are Islamophobic

Under ‘Listening to America Surveys’ the website paid for by the Republican National Committee, asks the public questions that use Islamophobic themes in their framing. For example one question asks the public if they have concerns over the spread of sharia law in the future, as well as questions about “radical Islamic terrorists” invading American shores and if they agree with President Trump regarding the ban on “immigration from terrorism-compromised countries.”

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