Challenging Islamophobia through Applied Research, Civic Engagement, Education, and Global Classrooms to impact policy.

Our mission is to develop a sustained response that both examines the roots of Islamophobia, & provides the empirical data to quantify the problem. Only then can we develop the tools required to educate policymakers on how best to counter Islamophobia.

“The constant demand on Muslims to condemn every terrorist act, problematiz[ation of] Muslim critique of foreign policy, and the constant insinuation of double talk or taqiah… [where] …the only speech magnified and permitted is the one affirming empire and interventionist policies. Muslims are to be spoken for, and not to speak on their own terms.”

Dr. Hatem Bazian, ISC Director

Introduction to Islamophobia Studies Center

Dr. Hatem Bazian, ISC Director

Our Goals

We want to develop a voice for Muslims in civil society, and halt the attempts of a well-orchestrated subjugation that insists on a realm devoid of political agency & freedom for the new generation of American-Muslims.


Try to understand the current cultural & political period by providing a more workable and encompassing definition for the Islamophobia phenomenon.


Develop a theoretical framework to anchor future research.


Develop a centralized mechanism to document & analyze diverse data sets from around the U.S. to compare with other areas around the world.


Continue to develop our campaigns: the International Consortium for Islamophobia Studies, publishing of the Islamophobia Studies Journal, organizing worldwide conferences, hold summer institutes & training workshops, deployment of a robust social media campaign, the Islamophobia Reporting App, Islamophobia Academic Video Web Series.

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