Challenging Islamophobia through Applied Research, Civic Engagement, Education, and Global Classrooms to impact policy.

Our research on Islamophobia is the first step in getting to the root and influencing policymakers to solve the problem. We need a more sustained response that both examines the roots of Islamophobia, and provides the empirical data to quantify the problem. Only then can we develop the tools required to educate policymakers on how best to counter Islamophobia. Just like protesting and rallying have their place in forming responses to social injustice, you can think of academia as the first step in defining the problem and providing the needed to data to counter racism and discrimination. The research establishes the reality of a given situation, allowing community and policy makers to counter the prevailing negative stereotypical attitudes within the public consciousness.

Importance of Applied Research

Dr. Hatem Bazian, ISC Director

Hatem Bazian is a co-founder and Professor of Islamic Law and Theology at Zaytuna College, the 1st Accredited Muslim Liberal Arts College in the United States. In addition, Prof. Bazian is a lecturer in the Departments of Near Eastern and Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Bazian between 2002-2007, also served as an adjunct professor of law at Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. He teaches courses on Islamic Law and Society, Islam in America: Communities and Institutions, De-Constructing Islamophobia and Othering of Islam, Religious Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies. In addition to Berkeley, Prof. Bazian served as a visiting Professor in Religious Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California 2001-2007 and adviser to the Religion, Politics and Globalization Center at UC Berkeley.

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Please fill out the application fields below if you are interested in helping oppose islamophobia through participation in applied research. Supporting ISC through applied research will play its part in helping to preserve the civil rights of citizens, rights which are slowly being threatened today. We are reliant on the manpower of individuals and value all the contribution we can get. It is only because of our team members that we can continue to face the rise of islamophobia.

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