Challenging Islamophobia through Applied Research, Civic Engagement, Education, and Global Classrooms to impact policy.

ISC comprises research groups, an academic video series, interdisciplinary & diaspora studies on college campuses, & the development of The International Consortium for Islamophobia Studies. The ISC is currently developing a series of WebDocumentaries. One is an academic islamophobia video series to be used by teachers in classrooms and the is featuring sensationalist personal pieces. ISC also puts together teams to develop syllabi for courses on islamophobia for several college campuses worldwide. We are also helping in the promotion of a documentary on the situation in Palestine, which will be produced by CNN.

Importance of Education

Fakhra Shah, SF Mission High School Teacher

Fakhra Shah, a Bay Area native and high school teacher, teaches a course titled, “Social Change & Critical Thinking,” at Mission High School in San Francisco. Fakhra works to educate and empower youth of diverse backgrounds to become critical thinkers who challenge oppression. Over the past few years she has prioritized marginalized groups in her classroom through developing curriculum that challenges Islamophobia, racism, as well as the hate-mongering of the Trump campaign. Her work has generated a great deal of criticism from the media and critics all over the U.S.

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Please fill out the application fields below if you are interested in helping oppose islamophobia through participation in education. Supporting ISC through education will play its part in helping to preserve the civil rights of citizens, rights which are slowly being threatened today. We are reliant on the manpower of individuals and value all the contribution we can get. It is only because of our team members that we can continue to face the rise of islamophobia.

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