France Summer Program

Islamophobia Studies Summer Institute: Colonial Imaginaries and Orientalism
Paris, France

July 1 – 14, 2018

Application Deadline:  March 1st, 2018


Paris, France Summer Program, 2018

March 20, 2018 – Applicants are informed of acceptance

April 10, 2018 – Response of acceptance and a $250 non-refundable deposit that will count as the first payment for the total cost of the program.  The deposit is non-refundable if the applicant cancels after indicating acceptance since spots are reserved and paid to housing and facilities

July 1 – Arrive and Check-in to housing facility

July 2 – First day of classes and lectures

July 14 – Last day of classes and Check-out of housing facility


Course Description:

The 2018 Islamophobia Studies Summer Institute will focus on Orientalism and Colonial Imaginaries, which has its intensive manifestation in the contemporary French and European as well as in Trump’s efforts to demonize and otherize Muslims in civil society.  The Institute will trace the various periods and initiatives that were directed at Muslim exclusion and the political, economic, social and ideological forces that brought them to the forefront.  The French Islamophobia example is pertinent in the current period and to the examination of the Orientalist ad colonially framed structural and state initiated approaches directed at Muslim otherness.

Payment Options:

Option One: $2800 which covers the following: (Note Euro exchange rate is $1.18 dollars and subject to shifts)
• Accommodation

• Two meals per day (Breakfast and a choice of lunch or dinner)
• Program Tuition

• Lectures and visits with immigrant and refugee service centers

• Guided tours to sites including the Paris’ Grand Mosque
• Seven days Museums Pass and guided tour to WW1 exhibition

Option Two: Without housing and students find their own accommodations: $1800 (Note Euro exchange rate is $1.18 dollars and subject to shifts)
• Tuition
• Program Tuition

• Lectures and visits with immigrant and refugee service centers

• Guided tours to sites including the Paris’ Grand Mosque
• Seven days Museums Pass and guided tour to WW1 exhibition

About the Center

Islamophobia Studies Summer Institute

The Institute approach for Islamophobia will include the added complexities of migration and the refugee crisis, which are used by rightwing forces to gain respectability in the mainstream.  As such, the Summer course will examine how Islamophobes managed to transformation of immigration and refugee crisis from a human phenomenon and suffering caused by post-colonial interventions, war and displacement into a clash of civilization and “demographic threat” that undermine Western civilization.  The course will utilize a dynamic mix format that includes in-class lectures, local guests and on-site visits with various communities.  Students will be introduced to the civil society and religious institutions that are responding to Islamophobia and the immediate needs of immigrants and refugees.  Students will visit the Paris Grand Mosque, a location with deep significance to Muslims and the French State itself.  The Grand Mosque was built by the French State as a gift to the community for its contribution in the liberation of France in WWI -some 100,000 Muslims died fighting for the Republic.  The Mosque importance increased due to the role it played in WWII as Shaykh Kaddour Benghabrit, the Imam of the Mosque during the period, managed to hide “no fewer than 1,732 Resistance fighters [in]… the cellars of the mosque,” and most were Jews.  In addition, Shaykh Benghabrit “took a great risk” in using the mosque to hide and rescue Jews, while managing to supply them “and the many children among them with Muslim identities” so as to escape the Nazis who were occupying France at the time.  Visits to the Musée Arabe and discussion with key staff members who are responsible for key archival materials and historical collections of texts.  Likewise, students will visit the Army Museum and tour WWI exhibit with a focus on Muslim and colonial troops that participated in the defense of France.  Key encounters with Muslim institutions, community leaders and academics engaged in various scholarly projects including translations of classical texts.

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