Islamophobia Studies Center

Challenging Islamophobia, Impacting Policy

The Islamophobia Studies Center is an educational not-for-profit research organization dedicated to countering the presence of Islamophobia in society through the use of applied research, civic engagement, education, and global classrooms.


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Islamophobia Studies Center

The Center focuses on countering Islamophobia through applied research, education, civic engagement and global classroom. Find a little more about the Center below.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop a sustained response that both examines the roots of Islamophobia, & provides the empirical data to quantify the problem. Only then can we develop the tools required to educate policymakers on how best to counter Islamophobia.


Proactively changing the narrative, anti-Muslim phenomenon, the continuing problem of Islamophobia by questioning ongoing socio-political trends, critical discussion, rational argument, and research.
Our Story

Our Story

Since the current system doesn’t have laws to protect people against incidences of racist and religious hate crimes, it is why ISC works tirelessly to bring light to such stories, analyzing the core cause of these issues, and developing a structure to end them from their roots.
Support the Center

Support Breakdown
for the Center

The Islamophobia Studies Center has several avenues of collecting funds to keep the lights on. Our primary avenues of support include the Annual Gala and Ramadan Campaigns. Outside of those mediums, we are looking to grow our monthly supporters, job-matching charity programs, and governmental grants.

ANNUAL GALA & RAMADANThe majority of our collected funds come from our annual gala and Ramadan campaigns.
MONTHLY DONORS, ETC.In order to take the center to a much higher level and hirer more staff, we need monthly support from the community.

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    Why We Need You

    Why Volunteer?

    By joining ISC as a volunteer, you can help eradicate Islamophobia, religious discrimination and racist inequalities through social justice.

    Where you can help?

    As ISC grows and continues to bring social change through research and educational conferences, we can always use volunteers for Advocacy, as Influencers and Event Staff.

    How to become a volunteer?

    If you’re interested in volunteering for ISC, please fill out the form below so that we can know more about your interests and how you can contribute to our institute.