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COVID-19 & India's Islamophobia

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Our mission is to develop a sustained response that both examines the roots of Islamophobia, & provides the empirical data to quantify the problem. Only then can we develop the tools required to educate policymakers on how best to counter Islamophobia.


Understanding Christian Zionism

The report on Christian Zionism is essential and timely research to unpack one key driver, among others, that contribute a distinctive form of Islamophobia that is connected to theology and religious discourses centering on Palestine. Moreover, the current strong relationship between several evangelical groups and Zionist organizations has made it possible to unleash political pressure in the US that shields Israel from accountability for its continued violations of international law.  The report is intended to generate the needed conversations on how Christian evangelical groups and others play a role in preventing the actualization of peace, justice, and dignity for the Palestinians.  Not to imply that this is an exclusively Christian problem; on the contrary, the Center’s future research intends to focus on the emergence of Muslim or Islamic Zionism, which articulate relations with Israel based on a distorted religious discourse that rationalizes normalizations of relations at the expense of Palestinian rights.  Lastly, the report’s discussion on Christian Zionism should not distract the reader from the positive work, advocacy, and engagement with Palestinians by many churches and religious institutions in the US.

More on Islamophobia

Islamophobia on the Campaign Trail

ISC is tracking islamophobic rhetoric on the 2020 Campaign Trail. Hate crimes spike during election cycles, and we seek to provide an aggregator for statements and rhetoric from politicians during the election cycle. Islamophobia and racism are politicized and utilized as a tools; effectively normalizing dangerous rhetoric and moving islamophobia from the theatre of harassment to fully institutionalized and systematic legislations.

Islamophobia Studies Journal

The Islamophobia Studies Journal (ISJ) is a bi-annual publication that focuses on the critical analysis of Islamophobia and its multiple manifestations in our contemporary moment. ISJ is an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual academic journal that encourages submissions that theorizes the historical, political, economic, and cultural phenomenon of Islamophobia in relation to the construction, representation, and articulation of “Otherness.” The ISJ is an open scholarly exchange, exploring new approaches, methodologies, and contemporary issues.

Latest Issue: Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall 2019

What is Islamophobia Studies Center all about?

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ISC is an educational-not-for-profit research organization dedicated to countering the presence of Islamophobia in society through the use of applied research, civic engagement, education, and global classrooms.

Applied Research

Our research on Islamophobia is the first step in getting to the root and influencing policies to solve the problem.


ISC comprises research groups, academic video series, diaspora studies across different levels within the educational system.

Civic Engagement

We hosts conferences and engages in groundwork in collaboration with civil rights organizations around the globe.

Global Classrooms

ISC offers summer institutes in Jordan, France, and Turkey with revolving themes each year, reflecting current affairs.