Global Impact

The Islamophobia Studies Center (ISC) has been making waves worldwide with its pioneering research initiatives aimed at combating anti-Muslim sentiments. The ISC has been releasing publications detailing the impact of Islamophobia across various countries globally. The publications have been viewed by a diverse audience of scholars, policymakers, activists, journalists, and concerned citizens alike.

The recently released data highlights the reach of the ISC’s publications, with thousands of views registered across countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and France. The center’s in-depth analysis and detailed insights offer a unique perspective on the growing concern surrounding Islamophobia.

The ISC has been successful in garnering support from governments and organizations worldwide in advancing its mission of creating public awareness and education on anti-Muslim prejudice. With a global impact that continues to grow, the ISC remains dedicated to the work of eradicating Islamophobia and promoting religious harmony and mutual respect.

2023 Heat Map
2023 Publication Views

Islamophobia Studies Journal is a bi-annual publication that provides a platform for academics, researchers and writers to critically analyse Islamophobia. The journal examines the various ways in which Islamophobia presents itself in our contemporary world and the impact that it has on society. The focus of the journal is to facilitate an in-depth analysis of the subject while offering different perspectives from across the globe. The journal is peer-reviewed, ensuring the quality of the articles and the authenticity of the research. The goal of the journal is to foster knowledge and understanding of Islamophobia and to promote academic discourse on the subject. Whether you are a student, academic, researcher or practitioner, Islamophobia Studies Journal can provide valuable insights and knowledge on this increasingly important topic.